Deep Waters

Dive Into Danger

For centuries, an ancient shipwreck in azure Greek waters has concealed  an astonishing truth. The drowning of an underwater cameraman, then the  murder of a highly respected academic - seemingly isolated tragedies?  When radio talk show host Sammy Greene and ex-cop Gus Pappajohn  investigate, they uncover an ancient and modern mystery - conflicts  between pagans and saints, archeologists and treasure hunters. From the  marble steps of the Parthenon to the peaks of the hidden monasteries of  Mount Athos, the two risk their lives in a desperate race to find the  lost chapter of human history. 

Praise for Deep Waters

Deep Waters is that rare thing---a stylish adventure that weaves together fascinating historical detail, terrific characters and real suspense. A great read!

--Dennis Palumbo, author of the Daniel Rinaldi Mystery Series 

Deep Waters, the third in the wonderful Sammy Greene series, is a tightly plotted thriller that rivals Daniel da Silva and Dan Brown. Bravo!

--Spencer Grin, JD, PhD, Publisher of the Saturday Review

“A white-knuckle, lip-chewing historical thriller that's simply exhilarating. Sammy Greene is my kind of hero -- a female Indiana Jones who's bold and street-smart. If you're looking to plunge yourself into exotic mystery and globe-trotting suspense, Deep Waters is just the ticket.”

--John Ling, USA Bestselling Author of the Raines &Shaw series 

5 Star Readers' Favorite Review

Reviewed By: Jack Magnus 

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Deep Waters is an action and adventure thriller written by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid. While this is the third book in their Sammy Greene series, the authors provide enough background information to allow readers to enjoy this as a standalone. Sammy had mixed feelings about going back to Greece. She had just lost her LA Scene job at Canyon City Station and would be part of the new liberal talk show station, Radio USA. In the few weeks gap between that old job and the new, Sammy would be taking advantage of her old friend Gus Pappajohn’s invitation to spend some time with him and his newly widowed sister, Eleni, in Athens. While she was excited to be seeing Gus and Eleni, she couldn’t help but remember her last visit there six years earlier. She had been on assignment with photographer and diver Oliver Haines for CNN. They were documenting the recovery of artifacts from an ancient shipwreck in the Aegean Sea. While Sammy battled seasickness, Ollie was down there filming. On his way back to the surface, one of his fins caught on a protruding piece of bronze. As he turned to free himself, he noticed an ancient bronze wheel with what appeared to be Greek lettering and an attached toothed gear. What he hadn’t noticed was the diver who had been watching him -- and who was determined not to allow him to reach the surface alive.

Deep Waters is an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable tale set in Greece. While this is the first Sammy Greene novel I’ve read, I quickly felt at ease with the story and enjoyed getting to know Sammy and her old friend, Officer Gus. I also loved getting to know Athens. The authors work the culture, nightlife and the cuisine found on the Greek islands so well, it feels as though the reader is there along with Sammy and Gus. Shlian and Reid’s characters are marvelous, especially Sammy, whose New Yorker sensibilities are refreshing, and whose refusal to accept gender discrimination was a highlight. Their writing is seamless and flowing, and the plot is fascinating. Deep Waters is indeed a page-turner that’s both hard to put down and intelligent. Deep Waters: Sammy Greene, Book 3 is most highly recommended.


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