Rabbit in the Moon



San Francisco, 1989: Forty years after Mao and his People's Liberation Army set out to change China forever, Dr. Lili Quan prepares for a journey that will change her life forever.  To honor her mother's dying wish that she “return” home, American-born, Lili, reluctantly sets out for China. For Lili, a passionate idealist, this will be an extraordinary trip filled with remarkable discoveries - from meeting and falling in love with Chi-Wen Zhou, a victim of the Cultural Revolution and zealous Taoist, to finding Dr. Ni-Fu Cheng, the grandfather Lili believed had died years ago. But Ni-Fu has made the most remarkable discovery of all: he's discovered the secret to long life. As greedy and unscrupulous men vie for control of the most earth-shattering discovery of the century, Lili, Ni-Fu’s only living relative, could become a pawn in a deadly and dangerous international game. Before she can hold the key to the future, Lili must unlock the deadly secrets of the past.

Praise for Rabbit in the Moon

This fast-paced story is full of ingenious plot twists and will keep you turning the pages.

A timely Chinese-American thriller that takes the reader on a fast paced tour of China.
―Round Table Reviews

Rabbit in the Moon is one of the most interesting books I’ve read in quite some time. Its skillful weaving of recent history into what is certainly a first-class thriller is only one of the reasons for its selection as a Florida Book Awards Gold Medal Winner. The book enjoys a great plot, tight prose and outstanding character development…a winner on many levels!
―Southwest Florida NPR/Florida Books Pages

Fast-paced, well-plotted, richly-textured...an international thriller made for a Hollywood blockbuster.
―Emmy Award winner Paul Ottosson

A sweeping, ambitious book whose time has come, Rabbit in the Moon takes us into an unforgettable world of hope, betrayal, love, and revenge. The stakes in this Chinese-American thriller are huge; the action is fast-paced and full of ingenious plot twists.
―George Anders, New York Times best-selling author of Perfect Enough

A thoughtful and thought-provoking book.
―Florida Weekly

Heady and Imaginative, this skillfully crated and compelling thriller will hold you spellbound. Master storytellers, the Shlian’s superb pace, enchanting characters, and cunning plot will leave you begging for their next book.
―Gary Birkin, M.D., best-selling author of Embolus

This finely detailed, well plotted thriller keeps the reader engaged to the last. The globetrotting tale rapidly unfolds to a satisfying climax that will have fans of the genre clamoring for more.
―Monsters & Critics

Rabbit in the Moon is an excellent read, offering more than just a page-turner with a tender love story. It offers the reader much more to think about long after the final page is read. Well done!
―MyShelf Reviews

The unrelenting pace will hook thriller fans.

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